Angled Door Program - Sold Separately $395.00

The Angled Door Module will produce a parts list for angle type units. The cut angle for the miter saw is shown in 1/10th degrees. A drawing of the door and raised panel is included. This door software is easy to use.

To properly use this program you will need to purchase a $30.00 digital angle rule. This tool will help you produce angle cuts within 1/10th of a degree. They look beautiful and they look professional. We show you how to use everything.

This is the entry screen where you select a style and where you will enter the sizes. You also select the material and panel style.



Here are some of the different stiles that you can select from...


This is a MITERED CORNERS version of the same panel...


Angled LEFT or RIGHT Side...


Angled Top Slope Left Or Slope Right...


Angled Corner Left Side Or Right Side Both Pieces Mitered...


Option - With The Outside Stile NOT Mitered


Triangle Left or Right...


Here is what the basic parts list will look like.